You hear it again and again, “You need more traffic for your eCommerce store”.

But getting traffic to your website doesn’t mean your sales will go. Dilemma, no? Your eCommerce store is not the first to face this issue, and it definitely won’t be the last. The good news is that to convert traffic into customers isn’t rocket science. It just takes a growth marketing mindset!

While we argue that being a growth marketer means being a scientist (and artist, psychologist, accountant, and writer…but I digress), the nuts and bolts of successful growth marketing come down to smart testing.

In a nutshell, smart testing means that you are always experimenting with your output to increase your business’ input. Think about smart testing like you would the scientific method. You make an observation in a larger context, ask some questions, and come up with a hypothesis that you think could lead to better results. In this case, you want to make a hypothesis about a solution for increasing conversions.

You might notice that the call-to-action buttons on your site are small and out of the way. Could that be a reason your traffic doesn’t turn into sales? It might be! Your next step would be to run a test using large call-to-action buttons that are easy to find on the page. If your test yields more sales, you can confidently say that this change helped. Then, like a good scientist, you’ll iterate (or repeat upon) your success. This helps you see if there are additional changes to convert traffic into customers.

Pretty cool, right? You can discover more about what’s preventing your traffic from buying simply from being a scientific thinker.

But, as I said, you need to be able to make some really strong observations before you start testing like a mad scientist. That requires you to think very critically about the outcomes you’re trying to achieve. And how to test your way to those goals.

Let’s look at some “buckets,” or categories, of common conversion blockers. Let’s also look at questions to get you thinking about smart testing.

You’re not strategizing for the right outcomes.

This is more common than you may think. Consider this: are you more focused on getting as much traffic as possible to your site, or getting quality traffic to your site? If you said the former, you’re definitely not strategizing for the right outcomes!

Consider some of these questions as you dial in on your eCommerce goals:

  • Am I driving traffic to pages with a clear and concise call-to-action?
  • If I were a first time visitor, would I know within 3 seconds what the store’s unique value proposition is?
  • Is the traffic that I’m getting to my site useful, relevant, and within the target audience I’m attempting to reach?
  • And on the flipside, is my site relevant and/or useful to the audiences that have shown interest in my store?

Your funnel is not set up correctly.

Have you ever used a funnel that just wasn’t the right fit for the situation? As a result, did it make a big ol’ mess? Well, the same sort of thing can happen when your sales funnel isn’t set up correctly. It will leak potential customers.

Consider some of these questions as you audit your existing sales funnel:

  • Are you actually targeting people who are interested in your solution?
  • Are you giving visitors an opportunity to engage with multiple touchpoints on your website or through your social media presence?
  • Have you been able hone in on the particular problem, need, or pain point your product solves for a customer?
  • Are you utilizing lookalike audiences, as well as retargeting strategies to keep your traffic engaged?

You aren’t focusing on retaining and reconverting existing customers.

New traffic and news sales are great, but reconverting customers can be even better. Existing customers already know your store is awesome! As a result, you don’t need to convince them again. That means that getting them to purchase from you again doesn’t take as much work or, importantly, money.

Think about these questions as you go over your customer retention strategy:

  • Are you listening to customer feedback and using reviews, testimonials, and user-generated content (UGC) to build trust and increase retention rates and sales?
  • Are you offering satisfied customers an easy, valuable way to refer their friends and family to purchase from the site?
  • Does your content strategy include a customer experience (CX) element that helps create a smooth experience for your existing customers?
  • What can you offer to entice customers to make additional purchases?

Remember that growth is a process (a scientific process, to be specific). You will have to actively manage it to get the best results. Luckily, a low conversion rate isn’t the end of the world! It’s simply the beginning of discovering your eCommerce store’s many growth opportunities! The changes you make can determine how successfully you can convert traffic into customers.

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