You probably know that marketing is the promotion of your business or brand, but what are marketing activities?

Better yet, what marketing activities can your business implement and possibly automate?

What are Marketing Activities?

Marketing activities refer to things that an organization does to boost the sales of their product or services and to improve their brand’s recognition. They will also allow you to better understand your customers and their needs and will generate leads for your business.

Activities to Implement

  • Research – we list this one first because nothing else you do will be beneficial if you don’t know who your audience is. Do a little research to determine your target audience and then focus your efforts only on those people.
  • Content Creation – this includes information on your website, blogs, and email campaigns. Anything that gives your customers a better idea of what you offer, how they can utilize your product, and reactivate consumers who might not be engaging as much with you anymore.
  • Collect Reviews – people trust other people’s reviews of your product more than you telling them it’s great. Get some reviews or testimonials for your website or social media channels.
  • Events – do you have something fun coming up that you’d love your customers to join? Let them know! If you don’t have anything scheduled, think of a topic that would be of use to them and create an event around it.
  • Promotions – do you have a slow sales month? Think of a great promotion that will encourage customers to want your products to boost those sales!

Is this all? Of course not! There are tons of marketing activities that you can implement for your business. The possibilities are endless, so think of the people you’re trying to reach and put yourself in their shoes. Where do they go? What do they like, and what would persuade them to want your product?