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How successful ecommerce businesses convert traffic to customers

How Successful eCommerce Businesses Convert Traffic Into Customers

You hear it again and again, “You need more traffic for your eCommerce store”.

But getting traffic to your website doesn’t mean your sales will go. Dilemma, no? Your eCommerce store is not the first to face this issue, and it definitely won’t be the last. The good news is that to convert traffic into customers isn’t rocket science. It just takes a growth marketing mindset!

While we argue that being a growth marketer means being a scientist (and artist, psychologist, accountant, and writer…but I digress), the nuts and bolts of successful growth marketing come down to smart testing.

Setting eCommerce goals for your store

Setting eCommerce Goals For Your Store

You’ve secured your domain. You’ve created a beautiful website. Your inventory is ready and waiting, and you can’t wait to sell. Well…now what?

Chances are when you started your eCommerce store you had a vague idea of your overall eCommerce goals. Maybe your goal was to make a single sale the first month. Maybe you were shooting for the moon, like a multi-million dollar revenue year. Both of these goals are respectable, even achievable! But do they align with the time, resources, and capital you are willing or able to put into your store? That’s the big question.

At EmberTribe, we believe in giving our clients the full picture. eCommerce goals are a delicate balance between recognizing your growth potential and marrying that with realistic, achievable steps to get there.

What are the benefits of an e-commerce business?

The Benefits of an E-Commerce Business

Starting a business can be hard, but you can make it easier for yourself.

Making your business an e-commerce business can alleviate some hurdles of starting a new business. Here are some benefits of an e-commerce business.

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