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Cost Segregation Helps Real Estate Owners

How Cost Segregation Helps Real Estate Owners Build Wealth

A general tax strategy is to recognize as many write-offs as we can.

We want to do this as early as we can to minimize taxes. And cost segregation helps real estate owners minimize taxes. Reinvest tax savings into your growing business. Use those additional funds to invest in items that further reduce your taxes. When it comes to your tax return, this is one of the few times when losses are actually a good thing! Cost segregation is one of the most effective ways to create losses when you are a real estate investor or your business owns real estate.

What is a cost segregation study?

What Is a Cost Segregation Study, and Why Plan One Now?

Cost segregation is a tax planning strategy that reduces federal income tax liability.

It does this by accelerating the depreciation of commercial building costs. It can be a smart way for businesses to make their real estate investments work for them sooner rather than later. So, let’s look at the cost segregation process and the benefits of doing a cost segregation study.

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