Bookkeeping might seem like a lot of paperwork, but it doesn’t have to be so manual and difficult.

The bookkeeping tech stack we use for our clients makes it easy for them to keep their bills, invoices, and receipts organized. Also, it allows us to get data in a more real-time manner. This lets us give our clients the most accurate books possible! Here are some of our favorite apps from our bookkeeping tech stack.

Dext (formerly ReceiptBank)

Tired of keeping all of your receipts in a box that you have to sort through? With Dext, you can take pictures of your receipts with your phone and have all that information transferred to your QB, Xero, or Sage accounting apps. Auto-categorize, label line items, match bank costs, and organize expense reports all from the same place!

Pay bills, send invoices and get paid easily with Vendors will send their invoices to your digital inbox, then they are turned into bills where you can pay them now, or when they’re due. If you get a paper invoice, just snap a photo and upload it to your account to do the same thing. Sending invoices out? That’s easy too. And you can track them and send reminders to nudge your customers to pay you.


Have an eCommerce business? Try Shopify. Build your store and start selling your goods anywhere. You can manage your orders, payments, and get insights on your customers all from the same place. And you can import your Shopify data into QBO, that shows up as sales receipts and include all items and taxes.


Payroll can be a breeze with Gusto. They will handle all of your payroll, taxes, and HR questions making it an easy-to-use, full-service platform. Also, it is a pretty inexpensive option to make sure that you’re fully compliant.

Bookkeeping can seem like a breeze when you use the right bookkeeping tech stack. However, we know that your time is limited. So, if you’d rather someone else manage your bookkeeping, contact us! We’d be happy to help take this burden off of your plate and let you focus on other tasks to grow your business.

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