Bookkeeping services are important.

Not only does it allow your books to be maintained by a professional, but you also get a clear picture of a business’s financial state. So, how much do bookkeeping services cost?

On average, bookkeeping services cost between $500 – $2,500 per month, but it depends on your business’s needs. Your company size, number of monthly transactions, payroll needs, number of accounts to reconcile, and eCommerce channels are all factors to determine the monthly cost.

Basic Bookkeeping Services Cost

If you run a small business with less than $1M in annual revenue, manage less than three bank or credit card accounts, and sell through less than three channels, you can sign up for Reconciled Express. It is $299 per month. It doesn’t include payroll or inventory detail on your financial reports, however.

Full-Service Bookkeeping Cost

Getting detail on your financial reports, payroll, soft collections, and other services that you’d expect by hiring a full-time bookkeeper will cost around $1,000 per month. Again, it could be more or less based on your annual revenue and the number of monthly transactions.

Enterprise Accounting Cost

Even large organizations can benefit from virtual bookkeeping services. The cost starts around $3,000 per month and includes all the things in full-service accounting. In addition to those items, a business receives custom CFO services too. With enterprise accounting, you also get costs measured against profitability associated with specific projects.

The nice thing about bookkeeping services cost is that it can be customized to suit your needs. Contact Reconciled to have them create a quote. It will be based on your company’s specific size and requirements. If you want payroll added to those services, they can do that. Do you need help from a CFO on an upcoming project, they can also help. If you just want basic bookkeeping and nothing more, you’ll still get a dedicated bookkeeper to complete those tasks.