You’ve realized that you need a software system to keep track of your business transactions, so you got QuickBooks.

Having a software app to keep track of all of your invoices, bills, receipts, and other transactions makes things tidy in your financials. Electronic records also make your life easier at tax time. But, you might be asking yourself “do I still need a bookkeeper if I have QuickBooks?”

Benefits of a Bookkeeper

Even though QuickBooks can keep track of all of your business transactions, you still need someone to enter them into the system. A bookkeeper can do that for you! They can complete the following tasks and provide you with monthly financial statements.

  • Create and Send Invoices
  • Pay and Track Business Bills
  • Track Employee Time
  • Complete Payroll
  • Create Monthly Financial Reports

Why Can’t I do Those Things Myself?

You can! If you’ve got the time and energy to dedicate a few hours a week to complete your own bookkeeping, you don’t need to hire someone else to do it for you. But, most likely, you’re already swamped with other tasks – sales, customer service, marketing, R&D, HR, or who knows what else.

Also, if you’ve got little to no experience in bookkeeping, you could make a mess of things. Having clean and accurate books allows you to review your business’s financial health. You can see what products are doing well, and which ones need a little help. If you’re not getting accurate data, you could be making bad business decisions that could cost you.

If you can start to delegate or outsource some of the tasks you don’t excel at, it allows you to focus on the ones you’re passionate about. Giving your attention to value-added jobs will help your business succeed. So, while you don’t necessarily need a bookkeeper, we know there are other things that you can focus on that will mean more to your business’s success.