If you operate one or more businesses, you may have taken out loans and other types of business debt to finance your operations.

Although this is a common route for business owners to take, if you’ve accrued excessive amounts of debt, you may start to feel the pinch in your daily operating budget. Fortunately, you can address your accounting issues with the help of Reconciled. Then, you can get your business out of debt while building long-term financial health for the company. Whether your headquarters is in Burlington, Vermont, or Tampa, Florida, these five tips may help.

1. Reconsider Your Current Company Structure and Consider the Benefits of an LLC

Perhaps one unexpected way you could help ease your business’s financial distress is by restructuring the business. If your current company structure isn’t meeting your needs, you may be able to improve your financial standing by forming an LLC.

LLCs generally come with a slew of tax advantages, meaning you may be able to hold on to more of your company earnings come tax time. However, before proceeding, check your state’s unique regulations, since they do differ. To save on precious time and expenses such as lawyer’s fees, you could hire a Vermont formation service to help.

2. Review the Business’s Budget and Fine-Tune Key Line Items to Reduce Spending

According to one study, over one in five small businesses does not even have a dedicated bank account. Unfortunately, it’s possible that many of those businesses may not have up-to-date budgets, either. If your business falls into this category, starting a budget or reviewing your current one is perhaps one of the most powerful things you can do to reduce your spending and pay off debts. Examine line items such as:

3. Get Paid the Money You’re Owed by Instituting a Resilient Invoicing Process

Not having the right process in place to get paid promptly is an issue that can sink many small businesses into debt. If your customers are confused about how to pay their invoices, it may be time to overhaul your invoicing process.

Consider accepting different payment methods, sending invoices immediately after purchase, and making your terms of payment clear. To simplify things, you could use a professional-looking invoice template complete with your company logo and branding. Go online and choose from the best invoice templates, and then customize your pick with key information, such as your name, company colors, and branding elements.

4. Find Creative Ways to Attract More Customers and Boost Your Revenue

One way to pull your company out of debt faster is to increase your revenue, thereby allowing you to pay that debt off quicker. Consider a few different creative ways you can draw in more customers. For example, you may wish to:

  • Run seasonal sales
  • Offer discounts to repeat customers
  • Release eye-catching new products
  • Revamp your advertising approach

5. Lean on Key Professionals for Advice to Help Your Business Make It Through

Lastly, remember that there’s no shame in reaching out for help. You don’t need to suffer through your business’s financial issues by yourself. Contact:

  • Tax accountants
  • Financial analysts
  • Corporate consultants

Although business debt is common, if your company is carrying too much debt, it may start to place a serious financial burden on your day-to-day operations. However much debt your business may have, you can start paying that debt off while improving the company’s long-term financial health by following these five helpful tips.

Brittany Fisher of Financiallywell.info