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Can You Hold on? I Have to Let the Dog Out…Working from Home.

A new work schedule has become our new lives – Here’s a typical schedule for those working from home or at distance.

The Typical Daily Schedule Working from Home

  • Wake-up
  • Workout
  • Get kids off to school,
  • Grab coffee with a friend, (for me, my second or third coffee for the morning)
  • Back at home – Turn on the computer hit the emails, video calls, assignments, and projects
  • Work through lunch
  • Pick up kids from school
  • Start dinner
  • Go back on the computer for similar work from morning
  • Have dinner with family.
  • Spend time doing something other than work
  • End the night with some email

Oh, I almost forgot – text messaging and phone calls available from wake-up to bedtime.

Successful Sales Teams During COVID

Successful Sales Teams During COVID-19

I read a great book recently from NYU business professor Scott Galloway about how the markets are shifting due to the Coronavirus.

In “Post Corona”, Galloway notes that COVID-19 is behaving like an accelerant to existing market conditions, rather than triggering any wild change of its own. I don’t agree with everything Galloway says, but I thought this “accelerant” theory was an interesting observation. It is fairly well supported by what we have observed at Reconciled.

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