Low product levels and cash flow issues don’t always come from an accounting underlying issue – sometimes it’s an operational issue.

Tim in marketing suggested that the company run a month-long sale on your most popular product. You happily agree and start allocating funds to run a successful ad campaign to promote your sale. 

Two weeks in, your sale exploded, but you’ve run out of your inventory.


You’ve gone to purchase more, but you’re cash strapped. You have spent your money on marketing and now don’t have a budget to buy more inventory. You are furious and upset that your accountant didn’t tell you this sooner! 

Do you resonate with this scenario? If so, your accountant has probably recommended you see a consultant, such as Clearinity

But why is that, and how can we really help you? After all, isn’t this a cashflow issue? Not necessarily. Your accountant probably recommended you to a consultant because they recognize you have some operational issues. More than likely, your accountant knows your problems were preventable. 

When you know your operations, you are empowered to make better business decisions and be more proactive with your supply chain management. 

Operational issues sometimes look like accounting issues… 

Commonly our clients have been referred to us by our accounting partners, like Reconciled. These clients recognize that something is not working but often don’t know where to start. They turn to the accountants, thinking it’s an accounting problem that is preventing proper inventory management but quickly finds out it is something else.

These “issues” or “problems” often look like cashflow shortages, out-of-stock inventory, missing products, and more. They are often manifestations of poor purchase order organization, improperly crafted SKU’s, miscommunication amongst departments, and inability to forecast correctly

But don’t worry. That’s where we come in. Clearinity can help you sort through your specific problems keeping in mind your current growth stage. We offer inventory management systems that can help your specific needs! We take a unique approach and look at your business’s people, processes, and technology to assess where we can improve your operations. 

The truth is, you don’t need a large, robust system to maintain your inventory and financials… 

More than likely, if you are experiencing these problems, you don’t need a robust ERP system or even a warehouse management system. 

YOU DO need to start looking at your operational systems. Luckily, you don’t need to google solutions endlessly. We have curated a resource center with inventory management knowledge, accounting buffers, and eCommerce business tips. So, if you’re having cash flow and inventory issues, call us. It could be an operational issue. We’d be happy to look through your current situation and create a plan to help you.

Clearinity is an organization that specializes in optimizing eCommerce Operations. They start with a discovery phase and help you select the correct technology for your opportunity. Once you’ve got the right solution, they help you implement it and train you and your staff. This includes creating documentation and support for future questions. Contact Clearinity today to get started.