Employers are always looking for new ways to attract talent.

However, many forget the importance of benefits once they staff on board. It’s common to offer retirement plans, health insurance, and paid time off, but what about benefits employees can take advantage of on a day-to-day basis?

Benefits such as fitness classes, counseling sessions, and on-site amenities can help manage work-related stress and promote healthy lifestyles among employees while also boosting morale and productivity. Below, I share several options for new and innovative benefits to offer your workers.

1. Provide a Pet- or Child-friendly Office

Many companies are now letting employees bring their dogs to work. A well-known example is Google’s Dog Policy, which some claim has contributed to improved employee satisfaction and brand image. Though your business might not be a good fit for dogs, there are many other animals that can help reduce stress and improve morale.

Offering child-friendly amenities is another way to show employees you value their well-being and offer a healthy work environment. Having a company playroom or daycare on-site can be a relief for parents concerned about spending long periods of time away from their children.

2. Create an On-site Wellness Center

A wellness center not only provides employees with a space to exercise and meditate during their breaks but also encourages them to make healthy lifestyle choices. In addition, offering stipends for yoga classes, fitness programs, and nutrition coaching is an effective way to promote physical and mental well-being in your workforce.

Having an on-site wellness center can also help reduce health care costs. Employees who take part in company-sponsored wellness programs are often healthier overall, more productive, and less susceptible to workplace injuries.

3. Host Company Events That Are Fun and Engaging

Getting employees involved outside of work can ease stress and foster a sense of camaraderie. Weekly or monthly events that serve as team-building exercises allow everyone to pitch in on the planning, executing, and attending the event together.

A fun activity revolving around a theme is also a great way to celebrate staff birthdays or other special occasions while encouraging positivity throughout the ranks of your company. Possibilities for team events include:

4. Helping Employees Advance Their Careers

For some employees, the greatest benefit they could receive is job-related education; however, paying employees to further develop their skills can also lead to better business performance, reduced turnover, and greater appeal to new hires that value opportunities for advancement.

Online degree programs are an ideal way to support continuing education for employees who are balancing multiple obligations. These types of programs provide the flexibility needed to take on a full course load without forcing employees to either quit or commit to full-time schooling.

Better Benefits = Better Employees

There are many innovative benefits to offer employees. Providing a pet- or child-friendly office, creating an on-site wellness center, hosting company events, and helping employees advance their careers are all options that show your employees you care about them as more than just workers.

Emma Grace Brown of emmagracebrown.com